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    VineHollyMay 3, 2021

    As COVID-19 continues to challenge countries worldwide, all eyes are on the US as its healthcare system teeters on the edge of collapse. The nation currently struggles with 31 million cases, and more issues about the healthcare system have surfaced

    Thomas@loker.comMarch 26, 2021

    Think Differently We are in a historic position.  There has been a major political shift, one, that to no small degree, was driven by executive overreach over the ACA or Obamacare if you feel better calling it that.  Now that the republican

    Thomas@loker.comMarch 26, 2021

    Health Reform 2.0 Beyond partisan divide lies pragmatic solutions. This is an article I wrote on December 10, 2014, during the Obama-Biden administration as they pushed forward with the implimentation of the ACA, aka. Obamacare.  As we are now at

    Thomas@loker.comMarch 6, 2021

    When Mammograms Lie: How cancer can sneak past our greatest screening techniques: Just because your mammogram results are negative doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer. By Sharon Kirkey, Postmedia News May 23, 2014 (CLICK THE LINK TO READ THE ARTICLE)

    A Chesapeake Minute


      JWilsonFebruary 8, 2024

      Gone are the days when businesses could simply rely on traditional marketing and sales strategies to grow and succeed. We live

      JWilsonJune 28, 2022

      Source – Unsplash If you are an entrepreneur who runs your own business then you know how time-consuming it can be

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        Thomas@loker.comApril 18, 2019

        Hostile Environment 30% of Hospitals have violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act – EMTALA. 4,341 violations have occurred in

        Thomas@loker.comApril 3, 2019

        Do you know why Medicare came into being?  Do you know that Medicare & Medicaid were extensions to the Social Security