Building Your Ecopreneur Green Dream

If you’re a nature lover, an advocate of sustainability practices, and a business-minded person, starting an eco-friendly business is something to consider.

What Are Your Ecopreneur Interests?

If you’re at the brainstorming stage, consider your skills, your interests, and your knowledge, and start exploring ecopreneur opportunities.

  • Be an advocate – promote other sustainable businesses by being a clearinghouse of news and information. You can develop a website, write a blog, and promote sustainable businesses, practices, and products.
  • Create a solution – look for ways in which an existing process can be done in a more environmentally-friendly
  • Develop a product. Perhaps there’s a hole in the existing sustainability market you can fill based on your knowledge and expertise.

Develop Your Ecopreneur Strategy

One of the first things you’ll want to do is develop a business strategy that defines all operational functions of your business.

  • Develop your business plan with a marketing component and a detailed operations budget. All three of these elements will help you define your overarching strategy.
  • Decide where you’ll operate – will it be a storefront, a home-based operation, or an online business?
  • Will you need to hire help? Consider the benefits of employees versus freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants.

Handle Eco Regulatory Matters

There are a number of regulatory issues you’ll need to address before opening your doors.

  • Get your business license, open a business bank account, and if appropriate, get the appropriate permits and insurance specific to your industry.
  • Decide on an incorporation status – for example, a limited liability company or a DBA (doing business as).
  • Secure an EIN, or employee identification number.

Plan Your Eco Marketing Strategy

When you’re running an eco-friendly business, your products and services may cost more – market them by focusing on their environmentally-friendly features.

 Let customers know about your green production and packaging process.

  • Explain how your work has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Use your platform to encourage more people to join the green movement.

The planet needs more environmentally-conscious businesses. Make your mark, strive to change attitudes and environments, and enjoy your newfound prosperity!

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