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Dan Brown’s Inferno HR-20-004

In this episode, Tom discusses Dan Brown’s Book Inferno and how it may not be as much of a work of fiction as we think!  Tom discusses the history of how we came to this position to help enlighten healthcare’s

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HealthReform 2.0

Episode 1-11: Helplessly Hoping HR-20-1.11

We are helpless in fixing our system and hoping our politicians actually care. We are helplessly hoping that our current healthcare system will improve. All the while, our professional political class in Washington is hell-bent on destroying what we have

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Startups in America Image

Startups in America: Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Click the image above to download this paper for free.   Startups, Geeks, and Financing a Business I have spent many years in the fabled Silicon Valley, working with startups and investors to develop new businesses in many different industries.

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Physicians loosing money for employer
Thomas W. Loker

Report Reveals Employed Physicians Losing Money for Employers

organizations that had doctors working as employees had a median loss over $175,000 per physician per year on the services they performed.
If those physicians that have already aggregated and sold out their practices are still losing in excess of $175,000 per year, what does this portend for independent practice physicians today?

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