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Category: Politics

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Why I am Who I am

I am the sum of my experiences. We are all a product of the sum of our life’s experiences beginning with where we were raised in our formative years and the values built into our character by our parents, grandparents,

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Healthcare is Hostile

S2E9 Healthcare is Hostile

Hostile Environment 30% of Hospitals have violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act – EMTALA. 4,341 violations have occurred in 1,682 hospitals in the last 10-year period.  What does this startling statistic mean to you, and what should you

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S2E10 Medicare an Introduction

Do you know why Medicare came into being?  Do you know that Medicare & Medicaid were extensions to the Social Security Act of 1935?  Do you know that if you exceed your Medicare benefit payments in claims that the federal

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S2E8 – Healthcare is Hostile

While roughly 10% of all professions report abusive behavior, the numbers for Healthcare are over 30%.  Healthcare is a hostile environment in more ways than one.  In this episode, we discuss the many things that make healthcare a hostile environment. 

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