Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind receives good reviews!

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Praise for the Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind

“Outstanding reasoning. I was surprised to find out you weren’t a lawyer in the middle of the text. It is chock full of interesting insights and observations.”
–Kyle Becker, Author and Publisher of Rogue Government Blog
“Wow, You have too much common sense!.”
–James P. Finn, Author and Publisher of Thoughts of an Old Man Blog
“Wow, You have too much common sense!.”
–James P. Finn, Author and Publisher of Thoughts of an Old Man Blog
“I want to thank you for this post. It is principled and aware and it helps to trace the arc of interwoven tensions that we struggle to untangle, to get from intolerance to tolerance, from brutish inconsequence to useful collaboration, from tyranny to democracy…   Thank you for standing for what makes democracy strong, for the informed and consequential civics that keeps the revolution of 1776 alive and breathing…
–J.E. Robertson, American
“Tom, very well written piece, even I could understand”
–Pam Mattingly-Greenwell, proud citizen of St. Mary’s County, Md

Delusional Ravings from a Lunatic Mind – Just Released is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other fine booksellers
This book is a compilation of articles from Tom Loker’s popular blog, “The History and Evolution of Health Care Reform in America.” Since the current issues of what we perceive as our health care system have their roots in the history of America, our political decisions, our economic decisions and medical and health related decisions, Tom often reviews these prime subject areas in his entertaining and always informative writings. Inside these pages are his best articles from 2011. They run the gamut of politics, economics, healthcare and other things that struck his fancy during the year. We think you find the articles interesting and thought provoking. In Tom’s blog he doesn’t try to tell you what to think nor to ask you to think the way he does. He stimulates his readers to get more information so they can form their own opinions. He hopes his own journey of discovery helps his readers in some small way. In the end, Tom has determined that he is a MugWump. Don’t know what a mugwump is? Then there is one more reason to buy this book! Tom’s writings will help you find out what you really are!

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