Health Care in America: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Why Health Care Needs More Reform!

Tom Loker has written a book that takes the reader on an intriguing journey as he/she walks along with Loker from the inception of this country to learn about the behind-the-scenes goings on with health conditions, health maladies, health remedies, and evolving health care reform. Beginning with the state of health when the Pilgrims first hit that “rock” to the current day when Congress locked horns, Loker stuns the reader with knowledge never shared before.What makes the tome an interesting read is that Loker opens each chapter with a cinematic “Imagine…” scenario that aptly sets the scene of the period of time he’s covering. He then segues into how that scene is relevant to the health conditions of the day and what the changes were that impacted and ultimately shaped the decades that followed up until what it is we have today in the way of health care “reform.” Does he share never-before-told stories? Yes. Does he paint vivid pictures? Yes. Does he educate the reader? Yes. Does he ask the reader to think about how health care could and should work? Yes? This health care history and evolution chronicle–this backstory–is not only informational and educational, it’s downright entertaining. The only thing missing is the popcorn! Think: Ken Burns. Think The History Channel.

This Blog will share some of what the book will reveal and be the focal point for continuing the discussion.
Available in Print – Fall 2011

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