Obamacare Insurance Cancellation: Welcome to the #ObamaNation

ObamaCare ObamaNation
Welcome to the ObamaNation; we know better than you!

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Welcome to the ObamaNation where we know better than you!
Welcome to the ObamaNation, where we know better than you!

The post-Obamacare insurance cancellation letters people are now receiving for their earlier choice based plans– you know the ones that President Obama said they could keep, PERIOD–out of courtesy and perfect declaration should open with this line,

“Welcome to the #ObamaNation where we know better than you!”

Those of us who have warned of these effects under the law, and several other predictable negative outcomes that are only beginning to show up, have been called fear mongers and haters. The shouted counterargument becomes a diatribe of how this law is going to be so great. How it will provide insurance for so much less cost. How it will lower the cost to the nation and the individuals. How you will get whatever you want and have to pay almost nothing for it!

Routinely, people that pointed out these now visible consequences were accused of wanting to take care away from the poor or just wanted to preserve the wealth of the rich. But the actual consequences were never disputed; the subject was just changed to that of class warfare. People said that the arguments were false, that utopia would rein and there would be no adverse consequences, the middle class would be saved. All this despite much evidence to the contrary, both empirical, documented, and mathematical. Much of which has been related here on my blog in numerous articles.

From the days before passage, these promises, as made by the proponents, were knowingly empty, and the effects we now see not only predicted but expected. Perhaps shockingly, for some who are now beginning to get the picture, these outcomes were desired by the law proponents in most cases. This is your coming utopia America! A system where all healthcare services are controlled and paid for by the federal government. Where you no longer have a choice in what you receive or what you’re willing to pay for yourself.  Where the only option is a government doctor, providing a government-mandated and limited service. Where all other forms of care previously available in the private market cease to exist.

So whether it comes from your insurance company in the near future, or sometime over the next 18 to 24 months in some announcement from the Federal Government; as this role out continues, keep your eyes peeled for,

Welcome to the #ObamaNation where we know better than you!

Because then will you know the utopia you seek has arrived with the same purposefully fantastic effect as the promise to keep your existing plan and your doctor.

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