Thanksgiving: A reason for thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!  And a big thank you to everyone kind enough to read what I write!

St. Mary’s County Stuffed Ham: Made last year by Aleck Loker then 13 years old – carrying on the tradition

Today, regardless of our political preferences, we should be thankful that we live in a country where we can argue, be smart, be ignorant, be rich, be poor, worship a god (or multiple gods with many names), or worship nothing at all, own property, or own nothing, and still have an equal chance to select our leadership and decide our

collective future. No alternative offers us so much opportunity. So let us all be thankful for our apparent internal disagreement. It is the source of our prosperity and, despite the current diatribe, our happiness!

Note: St. Mary’s County Stuffed Ham, is a very regional dish prepared for the most part in one small county in Maryland.  It takes forever to prepare, requires lots of steps, was derived from slaves who it is now believed invented it and for those that have tasted it is an addictive delicacy. Perhaps one day you can visit St. Mary’s and try some for yourself! You will likely find it nowhere else.

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