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The Chesapeake Blog is a tribute to St. Mary's County Maryland

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This blog is for all of us who were privileged to grow up in this magical area.  I will be trying to dedicate some of my time to writing the things I remember; our adventures and misadventures.  I any who feel so inclined to write some of your own stories as well.  Do not worry about being the best writer, we have editors that will address any issues. Send me your submissions and we will post them here. Just send your stories to  If you have a favorite picture, or pictures that illustrate your story, enclose that with your story. And they will appear like the one at the top of this post.  

If you decide you would like to write a regular column, let us know what you want to write about, and we will get you set up to author your own column.

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  1. Tom, It will be a treat to read these stories. Even a “transplant” like myself share your sentiments (the name “Chesapeake” threw me… I had moved from the Chesapeake Bay to the Bay Area in 1982!) Being involved with the growth of the tech sector, especially to see that many of the companies that were founded during this era are now considered “mature”, has been an adventure. Of course, it ain’t over yet! /cathy

  2. Thanks for checking in Cathy, Be sure to send me one of your own stories of life on the Chesapeake.

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