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What is the value proposition - what problems do you solve?

Our Benefits

Toms BenefitsThis new century’s dynamic business environment has taken a firm hold and forced a real change in how we look at business, how we reach customers, and how we develop successful business models. Whether you are working to provide healthcare to those of means or the underserved or offering new products, technologies, or services, what is required are management and systems that can deliver machinelike efficiency, quality, and choice.

The rise of the internet has further blurred the line between tangible products and intangible services. In this new, fully in-sync connected world, intangibles now can and should be packaged, delivered, and inventoried in the same way tangible products were just a few years ago.

The world of Covid-19 has changed the entire dynamic of where and how work is done. We are a global economy with global employees. Many are no longer tied to a physical location, most are mobile-first, and the most profitable start-ups are virtual.

The electronic frontier has become the electronic Main Street and Wall Street, all wrapped into one. To succeed today, one needs integrated strategies touching all phases and disciplines in business, comprehensive checks, and balances supporting both employee’s human needs and investor and financial institutions fiscal requirements. Ultimately, what is needed are mechanisms to lower costs to achieve a competitive position in local, regional, and national markets and, in effect, the world.

Tom and his seasoned business professionals’ network benefits by a team approach to identify clients’ business problems and convert them into opportunities by combining quantifiable problem-solving methodologies with experienced professional business judgment.

“It is the stuff you don’t know that hurts you!” We focus on helping companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives get answers to the things they don’t know and integrating the answers they get from their other professionals and consultants into actionable and non-duplicative guidance. Tom’s philosophy is we are “Problem solvers, NOT problem identifiers!

Penthouse Outhouse Image

Who can you support? What industries? What business areas?

One of Tom’s associates a few years ago remarked, “We have clients ranging from the Outhouse to the Penthouse.” Tom has been involved in many industries, from science and education to philanthropy and non-profits, from retail to wholesale, from manufacturing to distribution, from services to software to hardware, from underserved communities to upscale investment, from industries like sanitary and wastewater to robotics and most recent government and healthcare. If Tom and his team can’t find the answers, they have the Rolodex and the experience to find and deliver those that can.

What is your value proposition?

All of his associates have a like diversity of experience and in-depth knowledge. Members of his teams include some of the top professionals in many areas. The list of his current and accessible team members include one of Microsoft most recognized Software Legends, one of the world’s top .NET experts, industry leaders in cloud computing, some of the top leaders in the business of franchise development, predictive analytics, pharmaceutical, and biotech environmental health and safety, and many others. He draws from an extensive Rolodex of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in business design, development, financing, and operation. Its principals have all been directly involved in startups, turnarounds, mergers, and acquisitions. 

Areas of practice range from sales and marketing, retail, franchising, wholesale/distribution, manufacturing–both technology and non-technology–health care, public policy, hardware and software design and development, systems management, law, finance, fundraising, strategic planning, operations, and implementation, organizational design and compensation, and other areas.

Tom’s value proposition helps you save money by avoiding mistakes, inefficiencies, wasted and duplicated effort, and helping you get actionable answers that increase your returns on investments. We are not just consultants, mentors, and advisors we are partners.

What problem is it you solve for your customers, or how do you help them?

Regardless of the problem, Tom and his teams bring a dirty hands approach to create an integrated method to help companies get well-integrated solutions to difficult problems. Having “Been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt,” Tom and all members of his teams have experienced first-hand the difficulties executives find as they try to get various groups of people, consultants, advisors and professionals, both inside the company and outside like lawyers and accountants to provide business solutions.

More often than not, what is provided is simply a systematic list of the problems, not ways to solve them. If by chance, you do get a solution from one segment of your professional group, more often than not, it will be in direct conflict with that of another of your advisors and contractors.

Unlike others, Tom and his partners specialize in helping you corral the process, and if required, help you manage your groups, turn them into teams, and effectively bring true solutions from the process. This is the one place you can find the right person to get you the answers to the stuff you don’t know. If you find your people are not getting you the answers you need. Tom and his partners have an extensive Rolodex of many experienced professionals, and since they have worked together often before, they know how to get you the best results.

Suppose you need it and don’t know how to get it? Call Tom. Whether it is taking on the development of a new product, developing a new and innovative method to sell more products, planning what your company will look like and offer in the future, or working to change public policy, Tom and his teams are the place to go to get – the stuff you don’t know!

  1. Do you have a hard time getting straight answers from your employees and your team of outside contractors? We can fix this for you.
  2. Do you feel you always have to make decisions based on incomplete, confusing, conflicting, or bad information? We can fix this for you.
  3. Do you find that every time you make a decision, you feel alone and exposed? We can fix this for you!
  4. Do you know you need to revise your strategic plans but lack confidence in your team and outside advisors to have the depth of knowledge and experience to deliver?

These are just a few of the issues Tom and his team can solve for you.

What do you perceive as our biggest business challenge?

Whether in healthcare or any other business segment over the next half-century, our biggest business challenge is the economic and political systemic failures we have begun to experience in the past 20 years. Unlike the prior century, where net exports drove our economic prosperity through efficient manufacturing and raw materials production and conversion in areas like; heavy industrial manufacturing, steel, cotton, foodstuffs, oil, coal, fisheries, and technologies (tangible hard-value products), since 1972 our economy and the underlying business engine have been based on Finance, Investment and Real Estate; the so-called FIRE economy (intangible soft-value non-products). To most economists today, this FIRE economic engine collapsed long ago.

This issue is restricting our future growth and potentially, in many cases, our national survival. Numerous issues that are our biggest challenges today, like healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure industries, communication, and energy, are believed by some to become the basis of our future economic engine, the so-called ICE economy—standing for infrastructure, communication, and energy. These areas have been much of Tom’s and his team’s, focus for the past ten or more years.

Additionally, the recent migration to the computing cloud is forcing not just a paradigm shift in the cost, economics, and delivery of information technology-based solutions. Still, the continual drive for better economics, more efficient communications, simplified data exchanges, and increased desire for privacy and individual control over personal information, along with the selection pressure, of physical bandwidth and storage limit constraints, will select for an evolved, simpler, person-centered transaction system. Tom and his teams have spent many hours studying over the past few years for healthcare and beyond.

There are none better than Tom or his teams to help you plan for your companies, our personal role in this new evolving economy, nor who can help you prepare to not only survive but thrive as we go through the next economic catharsis to ride high our next wave. Please take advantage of our wide array of benefits today.

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